Aside from her research interests and publications, Ilaria Scaglia is eager to discuss the following topics:

  • The societal, cultural, and political implications of how history is researched, written, and taught
  • Diversity in the historical profession
  • Mentorship

Since 2016, she has been a regular commentator on these topics as a contributor to Insights, the newsletter of the Coordinating Council for Women in History

Recent Contributions:

Historical Transactions (Royal Historical Society Blog) “Facing Current Challenges Can Be a Vital Part of Our Curriculum,” (September 27, 2021)

Perspectives on History (American Historical Association), “Letters to the Editor,” (August 31, 2021)

Oxford University Press Blog, “The role of the university in international cooperation” (15 December 2020)—invited contribution.

Radio contribution for The Academic Minute, WAMC Northeast Public Radio. “International Cooperation during a Pandemic” (15 July 2020)

“The politics of internationalism rest on the intimacy of feelings” Psyche (26 June 2020)—invited contribution (7,244 views and 361 Facebook shares in December 2020).

The Conversation (30 April 2020): “It can’t cure COVID-19, but sunlight has long been seen as having the power to heal” (41,718 reads in December 2020).

Royal Academy Magazine. Interview by Katherine Jane Alexander, “Mussolini and the Royal Academy: A 90-year-old Controversy” (21 April 2020)

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